The company exists on the market from 1999.

Martex-meble  is a company that produces furniture for individual orders.

The main field of  our activity is creating kitchen furniture for individual  orders of our customers. We offer lacquered or veneered fronts in a very wide range of colors and patterns.

Fully comprehensive services provided by us apply to both the designing of the appropriate project, production of furniture on dimension as well as their installation in a space.

Thanks to great experience in the branch we are able to create lovely and functional kitchen furnishings, built-in wardrobes, cupboards, bathroom furniture and many others.

Every of our product is matched to individual needs and to the style of the interior arrangement.

We execute orders based on our own projects but also based on projects delivered by our clients.

In manufacturing we use natural wood, laminated or varnished boards, veneered MDF boards, aluminium, steel and glass.

The diversity of solutions we use results from the possession of wide variety of materials and use different patterns and colors. The highest quality of our products results from the use of verified items from renowned manufacturers.