We are dealing a comprehensive realization of customized furniture projects. We offer wide choice of materials and technical solutions used in production of furniture.

In our offer, among other things, you can find:

  1. Built-in or stand-alone wardrobes
  2. Kitchen furniture
  3. Bathroom furniture
  4. Bookcases, shelves, chest of drawers, nightstands
  5. Passage doors used in built-in wardrobes, bathrooms etc.



We make our furniture by using the best materials tested over the years. We offer wide range of colors for laminated boards, which are the basic material to manufacture furniture.

In production of sliding doors we use only aluminium profiles, that characterizes by great look and they provide long-term exploitation.

As a door fill, we use :

  • Melamine boards
  • Veneered panels
  • Lacquered panels
  • Mirrors in three shades
  • Painted glass – LACOBEL
  • Other materials. (there is a possibility of complete the door by a photograph wallpaper)

All of these materials can be combined together to make fabulous compositions – of course adapted to your individual taste.

On a kitchen furniture field we offer wide range of solutions allowing to optimal use of space to make it not only beautiful but also functional. Beside that we offer great colours selection for panels.

Kitchen panels:

  • Melamined
  • Veneered
  • Lacquered
  • Foiled
  • Glass in the aluminium frames

Why us ?

By choosing our company you can be sure that we will make furniture with professionalism and passion. In result your customized furnishing are functional and well-fitting for interior. Our long-term existence on the market is the guarantee of the highest quality of furniture.